#tampazinefest was super rad! Thanks to people who came by!

i was real happy about my corn boat button holder…

Exhibitor List is UP!



The RIPExpo 2014 Exhibitor List is up:

Such an exciting line-up!

See you soon Providence!



Metallic silver screen printed covers for Niv Bavarsky’s "Flesh Sequence" zine. Published by Get Lost Press.

Was a ton of fun printing these and seeing the whole zine come together. Risographed interiors with a special full color centerfold. A lot of different artists and print processes came together to produce this zine, and I’m happy to have been a small part of it.

Ian did a really beautiful job screenprinting the covers for this zine. Thanks to him & Nick Iluzada for helping me make this thing. There are still a few copies out there - cop ‘em here:

Ian took some rad photos of Flesh Sequence! Thanks a ton buddy!

MoCCA was fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out!

new buttons!

Get Lost Press Presents:


8.25” x 8.25” risograph covers, laser interior


Debuting at MoCCA Fest 2014

The new Fishly & Vice covers got freshly riso’d by Colour Code!

Be on the lookout at MoCCA!

Get Lost Press is proud to announce the upcoming release of the first Fishly & Vice collection. F//V is a(n almost) weekly comic produced by Mitchell Goodrich and Nick Iluzada.

It will premier at MoCCA 2014. More information is forthcoming.


Here’s another collaboration between us and Andrew Liang, premiering tomorrow! This one comes with a recipe for chicken fried steak! *‿*

Here’s the first of several new items we’ll have for you at PMF this weekend!

A super cool poster of doodles, made in collaboration with Baltimore artist and Current Space co-director Andrew Liang!

Printed by the always amazing James Bouché.